Safety and Quality
Ensuring a safe work environment and complying with the job-related regulations are our top priorities.
We apply automated and semi-automated solutions whenever possible, continuously improve the safety of the work conditions and operations, and systematically train our people for the purpose of their qualification enhancement
ISO 9001: International quality standards for organizations EN
ISO 9001: International quality standards for organizations NL
ISO 14001: Environmental Management System
SIR membership
Transport license for international freight transport
VIHB (License for transporting, collecting, trading and mediating in waste)
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Vacuum-pressure cleaning
Suctioning, discharging, and transporting is mostly performed on hazardous wet or dry materials
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We offer you a wide range of industrial cleaning services
custom-tailored to your needs and expectations
Our lean organization structure and strong industry contacts assure a cost-efficient and durable treatment of your waste flow
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We offer a wide range of additional services such as manual cleaning, flushing, transport, storage, and automated boiler cleaning
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High-pressure cleaning
is perfect when you are looking for the customized solution aimed at cleaning tanks, pipelines, and sewers
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