Despite our strong preference for automated and semi-automated execution of industrial cleaning projects, we have a highly skilled team of manual cleaners to perform manual cleaning duties for situations when an automated solution is not achievable.

All the processes are executed according to the highest possible safety standards by the qualified workers (VCA is an absolute minimal requirement).

Besides the manual cleaning duties, our team supports a variety of industrial plants with logistics and house-keeping services on a daily basis.
Manual cleaning
The process
It all starts by creating a mix of air, water, steam, and chemicals combined with High Pressure in Unit Heater and Compressor
Next, this mix is put through the hose and venturi flush connector to shake it up and create an effect of thunder
For the purpose of cleaning ultra long or hardly reachable pipelines we apply a cleaning technique called flushing. The process is following: by inserting steam and water by a venturi connector we imitate a natural thunder effect in a pipeline that is strong enough to remove the blockade and restore the natural outflow.
We significantly reduce cost for our customers by applying this procedure.
The thunder gets pushed inside the pipeline and thoroughly cleans it no matter how long the pipe is or how hard it is to reach the blockage
MCS Cleaning is fully licensed to perform the transport of waste, liquids, and other toxic materials within Europe.

To perform transporting duties MCS Cleaning possesses a large fleet of tank trucks. With our modern fleet, we are capable of supporting our customers with the transport of their waste, liquids, and other toxic materials throughout Europe all in accordance with the highest safety standards possible.

Besides tank transport, MCS Cleaning can perform container transport to supply emergency storage when needed. Everything is organized in-house to supply as soon as possible in case of an emergency.
Automated boiler cleaning
ensure higher safety conditions for employees: now they are only involved in the process of operating the equipment
lower the downtime, such as decreasing it by 66% in the case displayed in the video
Traditional Boiler Cleaning is a tough and dangerous manual labor work that takes place inside a power plant.
We automated and robotized its process in order to:
Storage of liquids and dry substances is one of our areas of expertise. MCS Cleaning owns a large fleet of storage tanks and (sludge) containers. For capturing released liquids in calamity situations, we have tanks available with a volume of 20m3 up to 100m3. Released dry substances are stored in our sludge containers with capacities of up to 50m3.

MCS Cleaning has a significant emergency storage capacity with a 24/7 availability that could be delivered nationwide. This could furthermore be supplied with the necessary drip trays and container lids.
Drone inspection
We are specialized in performing inspections at (great) heights, as well as in tanks, chimneys, and other industrial installations.

The great advantage of inspections using drones is the greatly reduced safety risk and the speed with which the inspections can be carried out. It is no longer necessary to climb high installations and structures and make dangerous maneuvers to collect the necessary data. Precise data can be collected with the help of ultra-HD cameras and advanced camera stabilization mechanisms.

Our team uses specialized software to create clear models and reports from the collected data. Our customers have access to these models and reports on our own cloud platform (under construction). This online database will enable companies to plan efficient maintenance in the future, saving both time and money.

MCS Cleaning as well as our pilots are fully licensed to perform this type of service.
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Vacuum-pressure cleaning
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