In the field of high-pressure cleaning, we are at the forefront of innovation and apply automated and semi-automated solutions aimed at cleaning tanks, pipelines, and sewers. We custom-select one of the ways to achieve the best outcome for your exact case in given circumstances:
In the majority of the cases, we use high-pressure pumps with a water pressure of up to 1.000 bar and a supply of 130 liters per minute.
In especially challenging circumstances we upgrade the supply up to 260 liters per minute.
For certain specific projects, we make use of heater units of 90 degrees Celsius with a maximum pressure of 1.000 bar. In this case, the power of the water in combination with the temperature ensures an optimal cleaning result.
MCS Cleaning is widely applying robotized high-pressure cleaning solutions. They are perfectly suitable for cleaning bundles and heat exchangers. Moreover, its laser measurement systems lead to significant time reduction.
The acquired data provides comprehensive insights that can be used by the company in order to optimize their operational processes, increase efficiency, and make more data-driven engineering decisions.
High-pressure robotized solutions:
increase safety
lead to time reduction
Safety risks are lowered to an absolute minimum since workers do not have to enter the confined space during cleaning procedures anymore.
provide valuable data
The data on the cleanliness of each individual pipe in a bundle or heat exchanger can be stored in a database and later shared with the customer for further processes analysis.
help make data-driven decisions
Traning/ Certifications/ Learning
There are 2 types of staff doing high-pressure cleaning:
High pressure unit operator
High pressure water jetter
SIR qualification involves a 5 day training focused on the handling with high pressure material and techniques.
Moreover there is special emphasis on the risks related to this job. The attendants learn to work with equipment up to 3000 bar pressure.
Staff qualifications
SIR [Industrial Cleaning Foundation]
We are member of this foundation aiming to promote and regulate safe working in industrial cleaning situations in the Benelux area. Every 2-4 years our staff is going for SIR training.
MCS Cleaning developed a very strong training and development culture. Over the past years we have trained a large number of high pressure operators and high pressure water jetters. This does not only include the mandatory exams but especially the practical skills. The continuous training and development of our team is a top priority and ensures us retaining the high safety and quality standards for the long run.
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