About us
MCS Cleaning forms together with Rimato (Hoogeveen) an industrial cleaning company mainly active in the North of the Netherlands. Two well-known brands, whom, together with our team of about 100 professionals serve a wide variety of customers. The customer group includes:
(Petro)Chemical industry
Steel industry
Food industry
Work according the SIR (Foundation Industrial Cleaning) and are certified according ISO 9001, ISO 14001 en VCA**. Furthermore we are fully licensed in industrial- and shipping- generated waste management and possess all the licenses regarding waste logistics.
Our goal is to deliver smart safe and simple solutions. We look beyond our hourly rate and continuously search for new ways to provide top-level results, lower downtime, and enhance safety for workers and environment.
We have a strong focus on safety and quality
We are innovative and simple
Vacuum-pressure cleaning
Suctioning, discharging, and transporting is mostly performed on hazardous wet or dry materials
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We offer you a wide range of industrial cleaning services
custom-tailored to your needs and expectations
Our lean organization structure and strong industry contacts assure a cost-efficient and durable treatment of your waste flow
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We offer a wide range of additional services such as manual cleaning, flushing, transport, storage, and automated boiler cleaning
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High-pressure cleaning
is perfect when you are looking for the customized solution aimed at cleaning tanks, pipelines, and sewers
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